Today, we celebrate the 3rd birthday of little Divyanshi with her parents and grandmother. Little Divyanshi means a whole world to her parents. Their world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with blood cancer last month. The total cost of the treatment is about 5-6 lakhs. Her father was worried that he will not be able to get his daughter treated. Thanks to the team of Leukemia Crusaders that she has completed her first cycle of chemotherapy successfully.

Divyanshi and her parents are not alone, Leukemia Crusaders has helped 11 children so far who are getting treated for blood cancer in our institute. The help for these families is just one phone call away. I wish to thank Monica and Gurpreet for their relentless hard work for these children. We request you to continue this good work as these children are our future and they deserve best of treatment. Long Live Leukemia Crusaders!

Dr. Shruti Kakkar – DMCH, Ludhiana

An act of kindness and support during tragic circumstances is very powerful. Just knowing that there are amazing people for children in need helps families come out with courage.
We are proud to join hands with Leukemia Crusaders to fight cancer.

Dr. Revathi Raj, Dr. Ramya – Apollo, Chennai

Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai, is privileged to be associated with Leukemia Crusaders. Majority of the patients treated at our hospital are from the poor socio-economic strata of the society and cannot afford the costly cancer treatment. Funding from Leukemia Crusaders has been a big boon for these patients as they do not abandon treatment due to lack of funds. The lives of many children have been saved due to the help extended by Leukemia Crusaders. They are professional and respond promptly to all queries. The funds are also released on time after completion of the application process. Leukemia crusaders has given a new hope for leukemia treatment in India. They have ensured that the poorest of the poorest kid has a chance to see the future and not die without receiving any treatment. We will always be indebted to them for their generous help and support

Dr. Venkatraman – Cancer institute, Adyar, Chennai

Leukemia Crusaders has been helping the children at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata since early 2017. In the span of less than a year, many children have benefitted from funds donated by them. The process is smooth, and help comes promptly. Leukemia Crusaders is helping our children on their path to healthy, fruitful lives.

Dr. Arpita – Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata