Our Story

Leukemia Crusaders is an initiative by the Bansi Vidya Memorial Trust (BVMT). The Trust was formed in 2013 to work and contribute towards the noble cause of financially supporting leukemia or blood cancer affected children.

We believe that children are the future of India and there should be no reason why we should lose this future due to lack of funds. Every child has the Right to Life and Leukemia Crusaders is our vehicle to achieve this belief.

Conception & Journey so far

In the year 2011, Mr. Arvind Vohra’s 5-year-old son, Aaryan, was diagnosed with leukemia & the family went through the tribulations of fighting against the illness. They understood how taxing it could get and that was when Mr. Vohra decided to help families that could not afford the treatment. With Aaryan back to leading a normal life, Mr. Vohra pledged to extend financial support to the under-privileged parents of leukemia-affected children.

And thus was born the cause of the Leukemia Crusaders. Its journey began with the treatment of an under-privileged girl in 2013. And since then, Leukemia Crusaders has endeavored to provide financial aid for underprivileged children affected with Leukemia. Till date we have provided support to more than 675 children in more than 35 hospitals across India.